Thursday, May 28, 2015

If You Could Use a Laugh...

I totally spelled business wrong. My apologize, English nerds. :)

First of all, I want to share this outfit  I wore shopping on Saturday. It was kinda a thrown-together simple look, basically just some colored shorts, and a graphic tee. Plus, I haven't shared a casual outfit in forever, so I decided it was time. :P

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Style- I Promise I'm Alive!!

 Well....that was a buuuuussssyyyy week. On Monday my class had a field trip, and on Thursday I traveled to play at elementary "feeder" schools with my middle school's orchestra. We also played at a local retirement center and one of the residents was an ADORABLE elderly lady who was 101!! (She was sooo cute!) As soon as we finished played, I, and two other girls who qualified, headed up with our coach and assistant principal to the College of Wooster for the Power of the Pen state finals. We stayed there until Friday, when we competed and eventually headed home. We drove straight from Wooster to my school where I changed and headed right into the gym for the 8th grade dance, where I had a blast with my friends.
The trip. Oh my gosh. It was the best ever. I'm 90000% sure I have the best assistant principal. Our coach is amazing and they were both hilarious and totally fun to be around. My friends and I had a total blast talking in weird voices, eating, communicating through our dorm room vents, pranking each other, making fandom references, taking ugly photos of each other, acting like crazy people, and making awkward noises when we spotted various fine male specimens. All in all I had so much fun. Even if we didn't win anything, we at least get to say we are part of the top 10% of 7th and 8th grade writers in the state, and we have so many awesome memories that it doesn't even matter whether or not we won.
Best of all, we got to keep our dorm keys. I have no idea why I love mine so much, I just feel cool wearing it I suppose. :P
This is my souvenir shirt and dorm key- the Latin says "I think therefore I am, I write therefore I live"

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Style- So now I'm 14....

Yep. I'm finally 14. My birthday was on Friday. It was pretty laid back, which was super nice. Saturday was crazy. I had to be at school by 6:15 for the orchestra Kings Island trip....and we didn't get home until 10. It rained, so we didn't get to ride a ton of rides, and I spent a good portion of the day wet and freezing. However, our orchestra did great in the competition. We got 1st place in our class, and best overall orchestra. So yay- we got two trophies. *acting chill and stuff but inwardly screaming*. The band got 2nd place in their class, and chorus got 1st. On of the vocalists from chorus got a medal, so yeah, our school was well represented yesterday. :)))
It rained today, but we had a little break of sunshine, so I finally got to get outside pictures. :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Words of Wednesday (and the Sandlot...)

Hey people! Today is a very word-y post with some quotes thrown in to break things up. :)
The upcoming weeks are going to be so busssy. Tonight is the induction ceremony for National Junior Honors Society, then on Saturday I'll be travelling with the orchestra (band and chorus as well) for our "Music in the Parks" Kings Island Day. The next week I'll be joining the orchestra on a day trip to play for the elementary school in the morning, then heading on the long drive to the College of Wooster with my Power of the Pen coach, and my two friends who also qualified, for the State Tournament. We stay overnight on Thursday and compete on Friday. Also on Friday is the awards ceremony. If we make it back home in time, my friend and I will be going to the school dance on Friday, mainly because it's the last one and only eighth graders. Also in the next couple of weeks, as school wraps up, will be the eighth grade Recognition Ceremony and things like the eighth grade picnic.
Yikes. SO busy. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Style- Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! I'm pretty biased, but honestly I have the best mom ever. :) I'm so grateful for everything she's done in my life. I've always been wild and feisty, which is quite different from Adam's calm and quiet personality. Yeah, she definitely had her hands full with me! Nevertheless, we have so much fun together- I couldn't ask for a more wonderful mom/friend.

Me and my mom being cool and taking car selfies :P

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Ups and Ews of Summertime

The weather is so wacky. Last week it was cold and wet and felt like March and now it feels like July.

Welcome to Ohio, where the weather is as unpredictable as Lady Gaga's wardrobe.
(Speaking of Lady Gaga, did any of you see her Sound of Music medley- it was really good, and a very special tribute to Julie Andrews. :))

Anyhow.... I believe summer is upon us. Which is great, I love wearing light skirts, shorts, laying in the sunshine, swimming, and all those fun things.
But summer can be pretty eeeewww-y too.
Heat and sweatiness that causes your clothes to stick to you.
The loud night croaks of the frogs that live in the creek in our backyard. SOO annoying, especially at 10pm.
Pollen. (yay for allergies)

But on the brighter side of things, our yard is looking rather pretty. Mom's really good about gardening.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Style- Busy-ness

Wow. Today has been crazy busy, which explains why this post is up so late. Heh heh sorry. As soon as I got home from church (later than usual, due to an after church meeting) I swapped my skirt for some orange shorts and headed over to my neighbors for his 1st communion party. :) And as soon as I post this, I have homework and chores to complete. Fun fun.