Saturday, February 28, 2015


Sorry I've been MIA.... it's been a busy week.
So here are some of my latest happenings.... (by the way none of the photos are mine)

My family went through my half-grandmother's (she married my grandfather after his first wife passed away) things. She had lots of art work and furniture. And aside from amazing art, I also found a full-length mirror! I'm excited because I can share more casual outfits. You see, when I come home from school I usually change into fuzzy pj pants and oversized sweatshirts, and I never get pictures taken cause you know, life happens...But having a full length mirror is gonna be awesome since it allows me to take my own photos. :) Sheesh that was a long one...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Inspirational Tuesday- Take 2

I'm back. :) These are my favorite inspiring quotes and such as of right now. Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration if you wish. Some of the following are already on there. :)

Isn't this awesome?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Style- with special guest! My mom!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I have not one, but two outfits to share!! I really loved my mom's look, and hope you all do too. I love helping her pick out what to wear to church and work. It may sound weird, but it's not....hopefully. :P
And I didn't really realize that we posed the exact same way in the pictures I chose until I uploaded them. Haha, that pose turns out the best I suppose!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Laughter is the Best Medicine

How's everyone doing? I've compiled some hilarious photos that I hope will make y'all laugh. :) Shall we begin?

This blog is called The Short End of Things, so here are some hilarious short people struggles that I can totally relate to. :)
I actually have to climb on the counters to put away dishes.....

Thursday, February 19, 2015

So. Much. Snow- Awk and Awe!

I've been hibernating. Literally. I haven't been to school since last Thursday!! I know- crazy right? School was already cancelled Friday and Monday because of President's Day, and then school was cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday to to snow, and then today (Thursday) they also cancelled school due to the cold temperatures, and I'm pretty sure I'll have tomorrow off school as well. I've been keeping busy, cleaning, organizing, studying, and even making snow cream!! It didn't really turn out well- in the freezer it turned into globs of vanilla flavored ice, and looks like frozen mashed potatoes, but that's okay. :)  I only got one picture of the winter wonderland I am currently residing in, but I really wished I'd gotten some when I was sledding. I was wearing black snow pants, and the individual snowflakes were visible- you could see the design in each one. It blows my mind that each and every one is different- the complexity and beauty of God's creation is astounding.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Style- Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Love day peeps! One day late...*cough*. :P
I knew I wanted to wear pink to church, since Valentine's Day was yesterday. This dress is perfect- pink, lacy, even a little red underneath. :) Our family stayed for the church lunch-in and they served picnic-y food because they know everyone is sick of winter :)
The weather has been wacky. Yesterday it went back and forth between BRUTAL winds and snow blowing everywhere, like a blizzard, and being sunny! Yes, it was sunny for part of the day! When it wasn't a snowstorm. The weather got some mood swings goin' on. :P
Anyhow, this is what I wore.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Hello! Today was amazing. I have tomorrow off school, so today feels like a Friday. :) To celebrate Valentine's Day my old Elementary school has an assembly for the 4th and 5th graders. And, since my dad was friendly with my music teacher, he was invited for play for the kids! He and my music teacher both played the electric guitar and another teacher played the drums. They've been doing this since my brother and I were in elementary school. They call themselves "Dr. Mac and the Groove Attack!" lol :P The kids love it- they were dancing and even had a little conga line. :) Well, a few friends and I went back to see my dad perform and visit old teachers. (Middle school lets out way before elementary school, but we start way earlier too) It was a blast! Oh how I loved that school and my teachers were such a blessing. :) One of my teachers suggested that my friends and I check out our class picture from when we were in 5th grade. OH MY WORD! We were dying laughing! Everyone looks totally different now! In 3 years we have all changed so much. It was a total blast. :) I have a few pictures that I took, but they are cellphone photos and have the worst lighting. ever. So yeah that's pictures in a cafeteria for ya. It was dark except for the stage, you can't see much but hey you get the idea. :)

Yep! That's me! I've changed so much! Haven't grown a ton as far as height goes, but I really do look different. And I've matured quite a bit since then as well.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Style- Favorite Skirt Repeat

 Repeats, repeats, repeats. I've been repeating a lot lately.... However, a darling lady at our church passed on a box of some of her clothes to me, so now I've got some awesome new things to work with. :) So, I wore my maxi skirt again, but styled it differently. I hope this post shows how you can create a totally new look with a skirt just by switching tops (and shoes in my case)
So it's finally nice enough to take photos outside! It was even sunny yesterday. Even though the lighting is strange, I think these pictures are a lot nicer than they would have been inside.
PS- I had my scarf a little different earlier, more like an infinity scarf, but then there was wind so...... Also, to mix up my look a little more, I tucked my shirt into my skirt. I think it's more flattering on me. Otherwise it kinda chops my shape in half.
I love how this photo turned out. Minus the hair tie on my wrist...and my awful part line.....oops :)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Flashback Friday- Outfit, Vacations, a Tag and more!

WOW! I've got a lot to post about today. Sit back and get ready y'all. :)
So Julia posting an awesome photo of Niagara Falls made me want to share pictures of the falls I took when I went there this summer!! I also went to Sea Isle city and have pictures from that too. I was gonna do a Throwback Thursday, and then suddenly it was Friday, so Flashback Friday it was! :P I have outfit photos as well, and I last night I was tagged- so I'll cover that! Busy day! Shall we begin?
Okay, so this summer, my family and I drove to Buffalo, New York to see Niagara Falls. We didn't want to mess with passports and such, so we settled for the American side. It was beautiful. :) God made such a pretty, pretty Earth.
And may I add how misty it was. We even had to wear ponchos. :P Some of these photos are blurry, and that's why, just fyi.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Inspirational Tuesday

Not knowing what to name your posts....

Hello friends! I've found a lot of inspiring quotes lately and I thought I'd share them with y'all. I love quotes, and putting inspirational ones on my door, my binder, etc... somewhere where I can see them on a daily basis.
And I have adorable animal photos to share, because I'm a huge animal person and animals just make me happy. :)
Okay- so onto the quotes....
Don't worry about being lost, God is there and he has a plan

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Style- Coral and Black

I love black and bright coral together! I got this scarf over the summer, and I just love bright orange/coral. I added it to this outfit so I wasn't wearing all black. I also painted my nails to match. I was so happy to discover that my orange nail polished matched my scarf perfectly!!
And yes, I'm wearing my favorite boots again. :) And sorry for the awkward lighting....